Flanders fittest




Flanders Fittest is one of the first CrossFit events in Bruges, West-Flanders, since 2014. This year the finals will be held at the Sport Flanders Complex in Bruges, holding a capacity for 2000 visitors combined with sleep and breakfast accommodation for all athletes.

It’s a unique location that inspires our team to change this event into an epic CrossFit Arena where you can strive to reach personal victories and compete for the title: “Flanders Fittest”.

For this edition we are going to work with 4 divisions: Golden, Silver, Iron and Heroic Division. Our Heroic Division gives everyone the opportunity to show their capacities by following our Road to Flanders Fittest training program.


How to Qualify

We will be working with three workout routines during the open qualifiers. Although we prefer for you to do those workouts in one day, you have the opportunity to do them on different occasions. All workouts must be judged and recorded on video. The video + scores must be uploaded before October 15th 2019 21:59 C.E.T. The results will be recorded on our leaderboard on friday October 18th 2019.